Oh shut up

UPDATE: Yeah, I messed up a bit with this one. My bad.

ASH:”Or,as I like to call them:’We don’t like smoking, so you can’t either. Na na na na na'”:http://www.ash.org.uk/ have gone and commented on a bullshit study about smoking in movies. Now, I’m not saying that the scientific method of the study was bullshit, I’m saying that the pontificating behind it is bullshit.

Anyway, ASH said:

“So I would agree that producers and directors have got a responsibility to think very carefully about whether smoking is even needed at all in a film.”

Fuckhead, people smoke. And the movies are meant to represent people that the viewers can recognise. ergo, some characters in movies will smoke. DEAL WITH IT.

And special mention goes to Dr Karan Omidvari of St Michael’s Medical Center in Newark, for this piece of spectacular fuckwittery:

“Independent movie-makers, who work outside the Hollywood system, are much more callous and ‘guilty’ when it comes to portraying smoking indiscriminately.”

It’s not callous, and they’re sure as shit not ‘guilty’ of anything. It’s representative of the real world. Something which Dr Omidvari may want to visit some time.

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