As some may have noticed, Lost started on Wednesday. And I had set a tape to tape it, as I wouldn’t be able to sit down and watch it all.

So, yesterday, I sat down, put on the tape, and started watching. And all was good. Until I got to the end of the first episode. Because then I noticed that the second episode hadn’t taped. Buggerfuckwankpieceofpoo. I mean, I was in the room at the time, just watching something else, and I should have noticed. Oh well. Teh internet to the rescue. On with the downloading.

Anyway, the first bit was good. I liked the engine.

0 thoughts on “Bugger

  1. bugger – i wanted to watch that as well – ah well, thats what you get for watching some soap on ITV2 – do i hear a whip cracking? :P

  2. There was no watching of soap. It was the Mummy Returns. I would have had Lost on, but I’d already missed the first episode so I didn’t want to join half way through the pilot.

  3. When you say you liked the engine did you mean the whirry exciting dangerousness of it (I could imagine the smell of aviation fuel) or were you referring to the bit where the guy got sucked into it? V.V. good.

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