There are things I love and hate about the internet. One thing I love is that scale and distance are so unimportant. One thing I hate is that everything is much more tracable, thanks to St Google.

Put the two together, and you get the purpose for this post.

A few days ago, I wrote a post about a BBC article about a study. I didn’t read the study (it requires registration and payment to do so), and I even misread the article (thinking that a Dr Karan Omidvari mentioned was more of a talking head than the lead researcher). The BBC article has since been updated to correct that mistake. And this is what’s happening here.

Dr Karan Omidvari emailed me a couple of days ago, not pleased at my tone, my post, my assumptions and my attitude. Basicially. With good reason. I had, in my own special and small way, shat on his study because I didn’t like the spin put on it by a third party. For which I apologise. Dr Omidvari made assertions based upon scientific observations, and while I may disagree with those assertions, that doesn’t make it a bullshit study. Also, being misquoted is a pain in the arse at the best of times; being misquoted on international media outlets and webshites belonging to sneering wee Belfast shites would be a little bit worse. So, apologies all round.

Plus, anyone who spends his own time and money watching 447 movies and passing it off as work deserves respect…

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