Best. Leader. Ever.

No, I’m not talking about political leaders. I’m talking about leaders in publications. Specificially, this one from the Economist.

Look, any respectable publication that urges people to be wary of government get’s my vote.

The government says it will use the new powers it plans to acquire with restraint. Trust us, it implies: only nasty Muslims will be targeted. Everybody else can relax. But even if a government could be trusted to keep such a promise, which none can be, it should not be accepted. Laws are not created in order that undesirables may be put away. That is a side effect. Their real purpose is to set down clear guidelines about what is acceptable and what is not.

Mr Blair is right that things are changing. People are scared, and are therefore more inclined to trust government than they normally would. That’s dangerous. The sooner Britons’ healthy wariness of government returns, the better.

Can I get an amen, my brethren?

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