Me likes parody

You all know how much I love Transport2000, with their hippy ways and lack of common sense. Which is why I am so happy to visit Which has the following for a mission statement:

Transport 1650 is a totally independent national organisation, funded by several public transport operators, founded to campaign for sustainable and integrated transport. We believe that personal transport is the spawn of the devil and is the cause of all the problems in today’s society. Our vision is of a world where there is a train station outside everybody’s front door, and water-powered buses carry all the happy, smiling people to somewhere that they don’t really want to go.

Transport 1650 is named after the 1650’s, a decade in which Oliver Cromwell came to power in England. He banned Christmas because he felt that it was allowing the people to have too much fun, and when Parliament did not agree with his thinking, he abolished it and ran the country himself. Here at Transport 1650, we have high regard for Cromwell’s achievements and strive to emulate his thinking.

I think that fits perfectly, don’t you?

Plus, it seems that they have, on staff, one Doctor Emmett Brown. Who has released this startling piece of research:

New research for Transport 1650 conducted by a team of scientists lead by the eminent researcher Dr. Emmett Brown, has found what is being described as literally earth shattering evidence of a link between car use and earthquakes.

The team studied the two most recent quakes which happened in Japan and California, and were stunned to discover that cars were used in both areas in the days leading up to the disasters.

?We were stunned,? Dr. Brown said. ?Until now we had only believed cars to be responsible for hurricanes, tornadoes, heat-waves, cold winters, storms, floods and typographical errors in the Sunday papers.?

You know, if it didn’t explicitly say that it was a parody, then I’d be confused between it and the real thing. Some of the details may be different, but the tone is a 100% match.

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  1. That’s almost as great as the new scientific discovery that the ice caps are being melted by the…(you’ll NEVER guess)…THE SUN! Oh.My.God right? I didn’t see that one coming when I turned on the news this evening..

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