How depressing

As if it being Monday morning wasn’t depressing enough, Marc was kind enough to drop this on me. And now I’m a very Not Happy Chappy.

Look at it like this: the ending paragraph is:

Labour has plainly calculated that most people prefer security to liberty and, in the abstract, they are probably right. Many readers of this newspaper, if the letters we receive are anything to go by, are relaxed about the aggrandisement of state power, believing that “if you’ve nothing to hide, you’ve nothing to fear”. In reality, though, innocence is no defence: barely a week goes by without our printing the story of an honest citizen who has been caught up by the bungling of some state bureaucracy. Inch by inch, this administration is turning Britain into a very different kind of country. That we should be letting it happen without a murmur says little good about us.

I’ve said this before. If the government was sneakily stealing our freedom in small bites, then the electorate might have some excuse. But it’s not. It’s being brazen about it, and the public is cheering them on.

Which reminds me of the only really good line from Episode III:

So this is how liberty dies – with thunderous applause.

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