Ding dong, the tosspot is gone

Well, not gone, but going. Doesn’t mean that he’s not trying to screw things up before he goes, though.

The tosspot in question? None other than Richard Brunstrom. Who I may have mentioned before.

Apparently, he’s stepping down from heading up the traffic areas of the ACPO. Excellent. Now some other twat will step up to the plate and try to raise the game. What fun.

But before he goes, he’s trying to set a standard. With a couple of minor statements in the papers. One of them being that his force are looking into anti-Welsh comments by one Right Hon. Anthony Blair (?f****** Welsh? being the alleged comment). Why bother looking at them? How is that a criminal offence? If he’d made slurs, actually slagging the wonderful race that lives in Wales, then that would still be stupid enough to investigate, but ?f****** Welsh? is just an exclaimation, not a slur. Leave it alone.

Second item on the “let’s be really dumb list”:

He also suggested police chiefs are considering building a holding cell at the Dartford Tunnel in Kent to accommodate the large number of motorists caught speeding or violating other traffic laws at the Thames crossing.

Yay! Special prisons just for motorists! What fun!

But the piece de la resistance has to be this:

BRITAIN?S most senior traffic policeman wants to use miniature cameras hidden in reflective road studs to target serial speeding offenders.

The cylinder-shaped device is topped with a reinforced lens that sits just 4mm above the ground. It works in conjunction with an infrared stud, which provides illumination for the camera without flashing in drivers? eyes, and a detection stud which calculates speed.

Similar studs are reportedly expected to be deployed in Malaysia, where they can incorporate number plate recognition technology to issue speeding tickets automatically. Such devices, when linked to an insurance database, can also identify uninsured and untaxed motorists.

Excellent. A covert means of keeping track of each and every motorist. And, please, let’s not follow the stellar record of Malaysia when it comes to personal freedom.

Mr Brunstrom says that the UK’s roads are ?a very lawless environment?. If it is, it’s because of stupid laws and stupid enforcement. Which would mean that half the blame lies with uk.gov. And the other half lies with one Mr Richard Brunstrom.

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  1. Catseyes I have no problems with. It’s catseyes that are also speed cameras that I disapprove of. Oh, and catseyes that are actually part of a cat. Me no like cats, for they are evil.

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