Valid pointage

Mr Free Market isn’t that keen the latest brainfart that restricts the sale of air guns. Neither am I, truth be told, but Mr FM is somewhat better at expressing myself. I’m far too restrained, that’s my bother. Mr FM doesn’t have that, err, ‘disability’.

However the ever rational Ms. Winter who clearly suffers from that unfortunately medical condition of almost certainly having more nipples than brain cells, thinks

Air guns are, well, guns. But guns which for some bizarre reason do not require a licence despite the capability to be every bit as lethal as a Colt 45 in foolish hands

I’ll need to remember that turn of phrase.

Oh, and by the same comparison, there’s a tub of margarine in my fridge that is ‘every bit as lethal as a Colt 45 in foolish hands’. Shall Ms Winter be trying to ban it? No? Then I shall be free to grease the walkways of building sites, killing dozens of people! I will never be stopped! Mwhahahaha!

0 thoughts on “Valid pointage

  1. You’re very lucky to have a tub of margarine in your fridge. We’ve run out and I’m afraid guns don’t do much to take the dry scad of the morning toast.

  2. Actually, I’ll admit to not having any marge in the house. I was taking some artistic licence. Note to self: call into Sainsburys on the way home…

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