Some feedback

Wholinkstome:Summary of results:

  • Google Page Rank for this page: 5
  • has found 0 links to this site.
  • has found 2 blogrolls that contain this link.
  • Google has found 662 links to this site.
  • Yahoo! has found 3,353 links to this site.
  • MSN Search has found 9 links to this site.

How did Yahoo! find so many links? I don’t even have that many posts

Hat tip to Up Your Ego

0 thoughts on “Some feedback

  1. Methinks that search is full of crap, I got ‘MSN Search has found 5,584,201 links to this site’ while all others showed nothing for my journal, that number just seems a bit too high by one or two links…

  2. I get a similar problem – think it might be something to do with the way MSN and Yahoo index (does it include multiple links from blog entries?).

    I also noticed when looking at the results for my blog that MSN and Yahoo seem to include links from message boards which seems mad to be honest.

  3. It seems to be counting every single possible link. So if you’re blogrolled from a site that shows it’s blogroll in it’s archives, then it counts every single dynamic archive page as a distinct link to your site.

    I think. At least that’s what it looks like. And that would be a lot worse than counting messageboards. Some of those blogs have thousands of meaningless posts, all with pointless links attached.

    *ahem* 2,417 posts and counting

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