Ah, the eternal conundrum: to spoil, or not to spoil.

I’m not actually giving out spoilers here, or anything. I know I do that, from time to time, but I like to think I’m sensible about it, putting them before the (more) and telling people to look out for them.

I’m talking about spoilers that are there before the product. Like reviews of US shows from before they’re broadcast over here, or early reviews of books, or people spoiling after seeing advance previews.

There’s always the temptation to read these, even when you know that it’ll ruin the whole show for you. Like knowing the end of the Sixth Sense would ruin it. Like knowing about certain ailments of certain characters would have taken a lot of the oomph out of West Wing. Like seeing Return of the Jedi before Empire Strikes Back takes a lot of the impact out of Empire.

And yet… the blog is right there. A whole blog, dedicated to spoilers from the next season of West Wing. And it’s right there. At the far end of a single click. How tempting.

I’m trying to resist the temptation. I really am. I mean, there should only be six weeks or so until RTÉ get hold of season 7. And a lot of it would be ruined by seeing spoilers. Ruined. And fricking yet, it’s just there

Anyway, I think I’ve gotten more than enough spoilerage. Having seen something in HMV t’other day. Which, out of decency, I’ll hide.

I’m guessing that this means that the emphasis will be on the new candidates, rather than the bossman. Who still had the best part of a year to go in his Presidency, as of the end of season 6. Damn HMV spoilers.

4 thoughts on “Spoilers?

  1. No, I have read the spoilers and the emphasis isn’t on the candidates – its pretty much molded in the same fashion as the mid-late episodes of season 6. That’s all I’ll say.

    They are releasing these DVD’s only because the ratings of TWW are down and they need to get some money from somwhere. Previously TWW was shown on a Thursday night (which is a big deal in the US – apparently) and as a result revenue from advertisments was much higher than the current Sunday night slot.

    I’m sad that the series lost its way from Season 3 – to the mid season 6. It still had glimpses of brilliance though, and even on the West Wing’s bad days it was still head above anything else on the TV (save from Lost! and The Sopranos).

    I think Master & Commander has replaced TWW. Its sad to see, a prime episode of TWW would kick 99% of any shows out there now.

  2. I’m no expert, but are you sure you don’t mean “Commander in Chief”? Because I’ve never heard of “Commander & Chief”, and I didn’t think that a series based upon the adventures of HMS Surprise would be too similiar to TWW.

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