Never one to let a good idea go unstolen…

Following on from Mr Wulf‘s example, I have a competition type thingy to announce. I’m currently approaching 3,000 comments on this here blog. Whomsoever should post the actual 3,000th comment shall receive a prize of my choosing.

Sure, it won’t be as classy as the one wot Nelly got, but that don’t matter, does it? Odds are it’ll be a pint (if I’m likely to bump into the winner on licenced premises) or something similiarly worthless.

0 thoughts on “Never one to let a good idea go unstolen…

  1. Huh! I’m still waiting on that prize from Mr Carisenda. At least the prize that you won of me for the best pastiche (piss-take) of Mr Toaster’s blog-style and which you donated to Mr Toaster’s green-fingered child was at least honoured and delivered. But not actually intact. Aquilegias and poppies shall sprout in the footsteps of that Cambridgeshire postperson. Sorry about lack of punctuation. When the gin’s in the commas are out.

  2. I thought the Nelly coat of arms was the prize. But then I’m simple like that and wild easy pleased, so I am. Sure what use would a speedboat be in Cully, anyways? And them bastids in Port Glen One would only be all jealous of it…

  3. Ah, but I’ll know when the number comes around, so I’ll be able to avoid such a horrible thing from happening.

    And it’s not like I need an excuse like that to buy myself a pint.

  4. I admit I knew I’d never actually get the speedboat but that was OK cos I wouldn’t have wanted one anyway for I cannot swim and anyway only wallies go in speedboats.

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