Further circling of drain

I know, I should really stop reading the Bore, but it’s RSS feed is still there, and I still glance at the headlines from time to time. And sometimes I pick up on stories that interest me. Like this one.

Complete smoking ban forces Union into huge financial cuts

Live music, society funding and ?least commercially successful events? to be targeted

Smoking will be banned completely from all Union buildings and events after a student vote last week.

Despite a massive campaign by senior Union officials claiming that a smoking ban would force huge budget cuts, the motion passed by a large majority.

Excellent. The Union, which has always existed on something of a financial knife-edge, is doing even more to feck up it’s prospects. Although this may be a bit different, since there is actual talk of cuts being made in the money wasting North of the building, not just in the profit centre called Union South.

The newly adopted smoking ban stipulates that the Union will cancel or scale-back its ?least commercially successful events, possibly including Vapour, Crash, Pressure, Coalition, Heat, and live music events? to offset the projected financial losses arising from the ban. Cuts will also be made to society funding, opening hours, and ?computing and support facilities for clubs and societies.?

Excellent. So, events wise, the Union is going to cut down on the ones that make it stand out, and concentrate on the ones that are, apparently, ‘commercially successful’. Do you think that someone should point out to them that other venues have noted this commercial success, and are busy undercutting the Union? And that the less successful events were the only half decent ones in the damn building.

So, they’re going to dull the Union, to finance the implementation of nannyisms. And they expect this to do good things? They must be out of their tiny little minds.

0 thoughts on “Further circling of drain

  1. Remember those occasions when at the end of a Top Banana or Score/Decadance the floor was just a thick gloop of sweat and spilt beer?

    At least the fag smoke covered the smell of it.

    I’m glad I’m not going to have to enforce that rule!

  2. Indeed. I assume they’re going to ramp up the security staff, to enforce this ban on smoking. You’ll need at lease a dozen extra people to police the Cooler dancefloor, and probably something similiar for the Marketplace.

    Or perhaps they’re relying on the good nature of the student body. Sure it’ll be self policing.

    I expect to see several assaults over this within the first week of operation. All those health nazi’s will be demanding that people put out their cigarettes, and then they’ll be surprised when they get their heads kicked in.

  3. There’s a bit of an argument going on in the comments at Seldo’s, including former Union Officers accusing people of being selfish for voting in their own self interest.

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