Lets play a game

A quick game. It’s called “spot the Ed”. I hear it’s all the rage in China these days.

Anyway, try to “spot the Ed” in the following picture:

© sky.com/news

Give up? It’s easy, and obvious, when you think about it. Read the rest to “spot the Ed”

© sky.com/news

See? There I am.

In totally unrelated news, can anyone guess what I was doing this cold, wet, winters morning?

9 thoughts on “Lets play a game

  1. I seen you on the tele then :) Tell me this, what stopped you knocking the fuck out Peter Robinson and wife and that twat Peter Hain – you will never get a chance to get so close again.. :)

    Oh and what stopped you battering the fuck out of Brian Kennedy. I think he done well in the service, which suprised me, but the man is still a cock.

  2. None of the political types came anywhere near me, so I plead lack of opportunity on the first count.

    For the second, you have stumbled onto the super secret crowd control policy of the CBC. Do you know how many more people would have turned up if Brian Kennedy hadn’t been singing? We’d have been swamped immediately.

  3. Unfortunately there were policies in place about this. ‘Smart’ black trousers, and the company supplied coats. Oh, and we weren’t allowed to put the hoods up. So I was fecking freezing. And, as Chez so thoughtfully pointed out, mildly damp as well.

  4. Chez: there were thoughts of that nature sneaking into my head. I was also missing the small bits of shelter provided at the ramp. And the lack of TV cameras and photographers was a blessing I took for granted at UWSU.

    I sat and watched some of the coverage of the thing today. There a nice shot of the funeral rounding the big statue (that Stephen mistook for me), where you can just see a figure in red jump after a couple of stupid kids. That would be me. 300 odd staff, and I have to get caught running on camera. Of all the luck…

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