I was gonna say something…

… but Samizdata beat me to it.

The Italian government, desperate for any additional source of revenue as it beggars the surrounding economy with its imposts, has slapped a fresh tax on the country’s porn industry. It will be intruiging to know just how much this tax raises or whether, as may probably happen in Italy, the tax drives the industry under the bed, so to speak.

Personally, I have more regard for people who earn an honest living making racy videos than tax collectors.

I was going to say something similiar to that last bit, but it would have been more long winded and less sensible. And would have included more swearing.

Oh, and check out the comments. Including this gem:

So, maybe pornograhers and tax collectors are not so different after all. Both can be saved from their sinful ways — which include taking our hard-earned scratch, one by temptation, the other by coercion, and both a form of complusion.

Which one would you have more respect for? The one who is honest about their motives and intentions, or the tax collector?

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