That’s rich coming from you…

So, the government says that all the problems in the land can be fixed if only people had a little more Respect. An admirable sentiment.

Let’s see, however, how much respect those who made this statement have shown.

  • Respect for life: none.
  • Respect for liberty: none.
  • Respect for those who disagree with them: none.
  • Respect for property: none.
  • Respect for privacy: none.
  • Respect for fairness: none.
  • Respect for tradition: none.
  • Respect for the institution of marriage: none.
  • Respect for financial propriety: none.
  • Respect for supremacy of parliament: none.

This list could go on for ever. I haven’t touched on bribes, honour or state violence. I haven’t mentioned dishonesty. I haven’t mentioned the expectation of blind obedience regardless of consequences.

In short: when you, Mr Blair, and your government, show any respect, then I’ll give time of day to your proposals for making us more respectful.

Until that day, fuck off. Respectfully.

0 thoughts on “That’s rich coming from you…

  1. I still think that something is wrong with a country when only the governement and the criminals have the firearms. There would be lot more respect if wee jimmy thought you might pull a 9mm on him if he bricks your car.

  2. Wee Jimmy knows that you’re capable of putting a fist through his face, but won’t. Why is the firearm more useful in this respect?

  3. Because he’s just brought a knife to a gunfight.

    Sure, you could put your fist through his face, but to do so, you’ve got to be in range of his knife. If you’ve got a weapon of your own, you can hold him at a distance without endangering yourself.

  4. “He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue! That’s the Belfast way.”

  5. Ah. We’re talking about different wee Jimmy’s then. My wee Jimmy is the one that’s actually a little kid but is screaming that he’ll have you for assault if you go near him. Endangering yourself (physically) isn’t really going to happen in that case.

  6. Wee Jimmy knows that you?re capable of putting a fist through his face, but won?t. Why is the firearm more useful in this respect?

    Ditto on the “Cuz he knows you wont” And having been on the receiving end of a group of spides, not one older than 16, beating the living crap outta you i can assure you that it would be reassuring to know that you had 11 little friends to call on as well. (10 in the clip and 1 in the chamber). I would argue self defence in that case.

    I have often argued that this society would be a lot politer if military service was compulsory – look at the swiss :p – or some kind of self defence training was started from an early age – you never know who can kick your ass! Also it would make society a lot healthier if we were all down the dojo twice a week :)

  7. Ah. I see your point, blurgh. But when wee Jimmy is holding a brick, he counts as ‘armed’. I was in fear for my life, m’lud.

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