I thought banning advertisers from linking alcohol and sexual success was pretty daft, but it gets worse.

“We considered that, because the woman could be seen to be driving with only one hand on the steering wheel, consumers could infer that she was engaged in another activity while driving,” the ASA said. “We considered that, because motorists could be prosecuted for failing to have proper control when using a hands-free phone, the image of the woman was irresponsible and was likely to be seen to encourage dangerous practice.”

Are we, as a people, that dumb? Will we automaticially impersonate any practice we see in adverts? I think not, because I’m yet to chase a Babybel through a park; I have not yet parachuted into a foreign country just because the lady loves Milk Tray, and I am not in the habit of pissing blue liquid.

I assume that the rest of the country has similiar experience of sheer willpower preventing them from doing everything they see on TV. So why, pray, does the ASA bother? Why is it empowered to even comment on shit like this?

And how sad are the 13 complainants? If you can’t find anything better to do with your day than that, you really need to look at your life.

At least it’s not as bad as this guff It’s racism run mad, that’s what it is. Honest, guv.

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  1. Note to other commenters: when you open with a bold tag, remember to close with a bold tag, and not an italics. This Government Safety Warning was brought to you with the letters B, I and the number 666.

  2. ‘racism run mad’

    Could also be argued that the fact that an Asian character refers to single mothers as white trash is actually showing Asians in a poor light as in hardline, unforgiving, racist etc. Dev & Sunita are Hindu but people don’t always make that distinction so it’s possibly another blow for the beleagured Muslim community.

    Wonder if the people who objected to the term ‘white trash’ ever used the terms Paki or darkie? Or are they ‘whiter than white?’

  3. I would go for the more traditional “people are stupid, and tend to say stupid things” defence. And it is a wonderful defence, crossing all racial, religious and class boundaries.

    Hell, it works for yon rich old greek fella who married the queen, don’t it?

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