Aw shit

Well, this is worrying.

The US Department of Justice has taken Google to court, demanding it hand over all searches made in a one week period. It’s a fishing expedition, unconnected with any ongoing criminal prosecution.

So, the US government (executive branch) is asking the US government (judicial branch) to revive a proposal from the US government (legislative branch) by getting search records. Which can be tied to a specific person. For the entire world.

Apparently, Google are fighting this. Which is good.

Less good is the way that Google (and other search giants) are diversifying into other areas, and in doing so will learn ever so much more about the people who use their services. And if (when?) the feds get their hands on these records, they’ll know a hell of a lot about people that they really have no business knowing.

Which is a little bit concerning, to be honest.

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