Some randomness

Nice, quiet, dull night at work. And as such, no interesting stories to relate. Or no stories that I can pretend are interesting, at any rate.

However, I did have a lot of coffee, so I’m still! wide! awake! and probably will be for a little while, until the hot whiskey kicks in. Hence my posting.

And do you notice the date? 28th of January. That would suggest to me that this blog is three years old today. And, in honour of that, I thought I’d post some random shite, for posting could well be somewhat spartan due to drinkage over the next few days.

  • Things for readers to do: visit the Broom and listen to the track there. Sheer brilliance. Mentioning several characters who I’d recognise from work, and probably some that Nelly would recognise as well, if you switched the place names a bit.
  • Surprisingly, considering the image of doorstaff, work was all a-buzz with talk of Big Brother. My 2 cents: yer non-celeb won because there wasn’t any active dislike for her, whereas everyone dislikes celebrities on general principle. And one of the fellas at work actually liked Galloway, but then he has yet to realise that ‘communist = doubleplusungood’. Give the poor fella time. Beowulf will still be mocked, though. Even if new reasons need to be found.
  • If ever I disappear, I want the searchers to be sure and check attics in Cully.
  • This story has me totally fascinated. What the hell is going on there?

There you go, that should do. Enjoy.

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  1. Happy Birthday to I Didn’t Quite Catch That. I Didn’t Quite Catch That is not just a blog, it is a blog tenderly hand-reared by the shores of Lough Neagh, steeped in the absurdities of the ancient academies of Warwick and smoked over a traditional Belfast bonfire.

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