Is it still stealing if you change the product?

It seems that Mr Bolan subverted a little meme that’s running about. Specificially, the ten views I hold without evidence meme. And I fancied a bit of stealage, but with a twist.

And so, I present: Ten Views I Hold Despite Evidence To The Contrary (And Some Reasons I Could Be Wrong). A catchy title, I’m sure you’ll agree.

  1. Most people are, at heart, fairly decent.
    Hah. Have you seen most people?
  2. Most persons are smarter and more capable than they are given credit for.
    Hah. Have you listened to most people?
  3. I’ll live up to the high expectations and precedents set by my family.
    Hahahahahahaha. No hope in hell. But somehow I still think it. Strange.
  4. I’ll develop something brilliant in the future.
    Hah. Have you seen anything I’ve developed? No, because I get bored and more on before finishing.
  5. The key to greatness in governance is to control less and guide more.
    Yeah, like we’ll ever find out with the current shower of bastards in or running for office.
  6. That there is a God, that He does look out for us, and that Faith does count.
    Yet to see much in the way of proof.
  7. That I’ll always feel a bit strange admitting the previous point.
    Hey, maybe I won’t admit it someday, and that may end up feeling stranger.
  8. That this here island is God’s Own Country.
    If it really is, why did He fill it with so many asshats?
  9. That Rio Ferdinand is a dumbass, in both the “cock” sense of the word, and the “stupid as a bucketload of shit” sense.
    When he’s on form, he does play well and the team plays well with him.
  10. That sometimes, nothing is better for the soul than stopping caring what you look like, finding a dancefloor and Dancing Like A Loon?
    I dunno… Sometimes getting drunk with old friends and talking shit on every topic from point 8 (above) to gun control does the trick fairly well…

There we go. A modification of a steal of a subverted meme. Just what the doctor ordered.

3 thoughts on “Is it still stealing if you change the product?

  1. The current term-du-jour (that is the term of the day, fact fans) is ‘reappropriating’, not stealing.

    And I deliberately chose ten easy songs to guess, as well.

  2. Easy for you, maybe. I, however, suck at the music round of the easiest of pub quizzes, so there is no hope of me getting one of your’s, Sir.

    Must try harder, I know.

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