Offer on on Bad Ideas: 2for1

Right, you should all know a few things.

  1. I don’t like tax.
  2. I don’t like ‘social engineering’.
  3. I don’t like people trying to use tax for social engineering.
  4. I have serious doubts about this whole climate change thing.

And all four of those little red flags have been hit by this article.

Britons should pay more for “wasteful” products such as standard light bulbs, disposable batteries and cameras, a think tank has suggested.

The Treasury is considering a report from the Policy Studies Institute into how taxes and incentives could be used to promote eco-friendly lifestyles.

May I humbly suggest that the Treasury consider inserting this report firmly in the arses of each member of the think tank?

And it gets better:

A 5% VAT increase on houses that do not comply with sustainable building standards was also suggested.

Note to the government: NEVER raise VAT. Because once a VAT is imposed, EU law prevents it ever being removed or reduced. So you’re stuck with it forever. Which is bad, m’kay?

This proposal infuriates me on so many levels. It assumes that climate change is fact, for one. It advocates raising taxes, for another. It assumes that the people in power need to beat the people into agreeing with them, for a third. It discriminates against those who have no control over their buildings (like those in rented accomodation and/or council housing).

In short, it’s shit. Shit shit shit. And the entire lobbying industry that has sprung up around the ‘green tax’ issue can suck on the fumes from my lovely new gas fire.

Further annoyance is to be found at the end of the piece:

Details of the proposals emerged as a motoring lobby group urged the government to introduce harsher tax penalties for the least fuel efficient cars, to help encourage motorists to buy more environmentally friendly models.

In a pre-Budget letter to Chancellor Gordon Brown, the RAC Foundation suggests bringing in a new top tax band for the worst offenders.

And this is why the AA gets my money, and not the RAC. Not that the AA is much better, but it’s better enough.

4 thoughts on “Offer on on Bad Ideas: 2for1

  1. erm dude – your rant is grand but the last sentence – it no make sense

    “And this is why I don?t give the AA get my money, and not the RAC.”

  2. You know, someone offered to sell me a couple of monkeys the other day. He said that they’d be great for finding typos and the like. I told him that I wasn’t interested, I already had a couple of text checking monkeys…

    Thanks Joe. Corrected. This is why reading a post before posting it is sometimes a good idea.

  3. Cheeky git. If it wasnt a good way to wind you up i would say do your own proof reading but i aint gonna cuz i know it annoys you just enuff to make it worthwhile :)

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