Very strange

At least work wasn’t dull tonight. What with the epileptic fit, the drugs raid, the hustlers and the threats. All in, I don’t quite know how we managed to fit in any cups of tea at all.

So, tonight’s events:

  • The Epileptic Fit- he’d stopped fitting by the time we got to him, but his friends had done everything right, so all we had to do was find a wheelchair and send him away with the first aiders. But still more exciting that the usual work night.
  • The Drugs Raid- I hear a noise. I turn round to see what is causing it. And see an even dozen fellas in boiler suits and a couple of plainclothes marching into the club next door. Where they produced a warrant, closed the doors and proceeded to spend an hour inside. Before the place even opened. I assume that they found nothing, for I saw no evidence bags and the place opened in good time. And the sniffer dog was a very nice black lab. I like labradors.
  • The Hustlers- some silly fella got very drunk and started playing pool. For ?60 a head. And proceeded to lose quite a lot of money. Then we noticed, stopped any more games for money, and then led the drunken fool out to where his wife was looking after the kids, who were busy crying because daddy was being a drunken fool. Lovely.
  • The Threats- Apparently, ‘The Word’ has gone out, and bad things were to happen tonight to the whole security staff. Nothing seems to have come of it (so far), but there were a couple of people worried.

Added to this week’s accusations, and it meant that we’ll have plenty to talk about over the next few shifts. Which is nice. And I don’t have to work Saturday night. Which is nicer.

4 thoughts on “Very strange

  1. Surely you’ll know me from the big ugly picture at the top of the page?

    And unfortunately, it’s raining out, so I don’t think Tshirts would be the best way to go.

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