And I hardly got any use out of it

Seems that I won’t be bothering to reapply for my British passport. Not a choice I would have wanted to make, but a choice that has been forced upon me by a bunch of statist, power hungry, thoughtless, lacking in morals, lacking in sense, lacking in humanity and lacking in gorm FUCKTARDS in Westminister.

So, I am faced with the option of carrying a UK passport, with its associated freedom-quashing ID card, or tossing that document into the trash and using my good, old fashioned oirish paperwork.

Erm…. let me think here… Do I get shafted by, or tell them to go to hell and cosy up to Dublin…

Any help from the audience?

Yeah, like there’s ever a choice.

Just so you know, the official policy of IDQCT… hasn’t changed. No2ID. Plain and simple.

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