Now that Blair’s fuckwits have gone and made their ID bollocking Card compulsary, I forsee a lot of people giving up their UK passports. I’ll be doing it in favour of my Irish passport, which I think is a nicer document anyway.

But what of those unfortunate sould who can’t do that?

Well, anyone who has a parent or grandparent who was eligible for the Irish passport (i.e., was born on the island) can have the Irish passport. And I’m sure that many other countries would have similiar qualifications. So, there are alternatives to keeping with the UK passport. I’d advise careful consideration of them.

Bastards. Blair, Brown, Blunkett, Clarke; the lot of them are a herd of useless bastards.

One thought on “Alternatives?

  1. Unfortunatly my parents were both born in England, my grandmother on my mums side and my grandad on my dads side were born in England, my grandad on my mums side born in Scotland and my grandmother on my dads side was born in Wales – so no hope of another passport there then.

    Fortunatly Jersey is unlikely to introduce ID cards at all (according to the Chief Minister) so as long as I live in the island I won’t need one.

    So as an alternative – might be worth moving to Jersey – full British passport with no ID card.

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