Now what does that remind you of

If you listen to the Tory press office, you’d be under the impression that they were winning ever-larger and more important victories. But that the battlefields were getting a little closer to the home front than before.

In similiar fashion, the official opposition have, in recent days, won ‘significant victories’ on such things as Brown’s plans to steal a little more, on Blair’s plans to tag everyone, and on Mr Safety Elephant and his glorification of terrorism shit. And now, they’ve saved the day when it comes to the abolition of parliament act. Or so they say.

A controversial piece of legislation which critics fear would give sweeping powers to ministers to change any law is to be rethought.

Ministers wanted powers to scrap red tape but opponents said they could use the same bill to by-pass Parliament and change criminal or constitutional laws.

A select committee of MPs will be able to veto ministers’ decisions.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong here, but is the point of parliament not to pass laws, not to propose a committee which shall be able to delay a little bit of rule by ministerial decree.

Back to the opening paragraph: what did it mean when, in WW2, German radio was saying that the Wehrmacht was stomping all over the enemy at ever-nearing locations? Did it mean that the Germans were winning, or that they were losing? Because all this talk of significant victories in the battle for personal and democratic freedoms sounds suspiciously like a fighting retreat.

And it’s getting closer to a rout with each passing Act.

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