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So I’m a whiner, am I? Well I never, never been so insulted, wouldn’t have happened back in the day, wahwahwah it’s not fair.

et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

‘Course, it’s works out OK. For the very same post has brought Arse End Of Ireland to my attention. And said blog meets with my approval.

Therefore, I must announce that The Swearing Lady has been inducted into the Order of the Blogroll (The Funny Division), for services to The Funny as detailed below:

  • Sex. Drugs. Cèilì music. – A tagline of comic genius and cultural references.
  • The post entitled Into The Wesht:

    The Marriot hotel in Galway has opened a spa. It is called “Absolute Spa”.

    See, now, in Galway that’s a really unfortunate name for a haven of relaxation. Being that spa is a derogatory term, short for spastic, which basically refers to anyone even halfway irritating. Being an absolute spa, then, means being at the pinnacle of spa-ness. And it’s hard to get into the pampering mood when you phone for an appointment and the girl at the other end says, “Good morning, Absolute Spa.”

    “What did you call me?”

    You might as well say “Good morning, you cunthead tosspot.”

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