Just so you know, you’re talking bullshit

She’s only been in her job for a matter of days, and already the new direct rule education minister is showing herself to be an eejit.

Northern Ireland’s new education minister has said despite opposition to ending academic selection, there is widespread agreement change must come.

I get the feeling that there’s going to be a standard New Labour quote comming soon… I think that it will say something along the lines of “I appreciate your concerns, but we’re doing whatever the fuck we want, even if it’s just messing with the system for messing’s sake”.

Lets see, shall we?

“I am determined that Northern Ireland’s education system will be world class and that every child has the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential,” Ms Eagle said.

“We are implementing an exciting programme of reform and improvement across the education system, from pre-school to further and higher education to ensure that through education, every child and young person gets the very best start in life.”

Ah yes. There are the buzz words: world class, opportunity, potential, reform and ‘very best start’. But what did she actually say? Nothing of substance, no proposals beyond messing for messing’s sake.

So, dear Minister, you’ve failed. Already. Bit of a shite performance, really. But compared to what’s happening at the Home Office, you’re not fucking up too badly, so you’ll probably get away with it. Never mind the fact that you’ll have done irreparable damage to tens of thousands of children’s prospects…

5 thoughts on “Just so you know, you’re talking bullshit

  1. My understanding was that:
    1) NI has more grammar schools than anywhere else in the UK.
    2) Totally coincidenatlly, NI has some of the best academic results.
    3) Irrelevantely, a majority of NIers are in favour of keeping the Grammars.

  2. And when did any government let silly things like facts get in the way of fucking about?

    Especially when it’s such a progressive issue as making sure that all schools are equal. Equally good, equally bad, doesn’t matter as long as they’re equal.

    I couldn’t find figure for how much better we are, but (pinch of salt warning) the wiki says this:

    The Northern Ireland system emphasises a greater depth of education compared to the English and Welsh systems.

    Which can only be a good thing, Shirley?

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