Well, it’s working for some

You may have noticed that some bloggers are getting book deals. And not like the last blogging book I read, real, proper books.

And there are lots out there, but there are only two (maybe three) that I’m seriously considering spending my money on.

First off, the possible, would be The Little Red Book of New Labour Sleaze, which came from Guido Fawkes’ Blog. And, to be honest, it’s more the subject matter than the writing that has me interested. Can you guess what it’s about.

And then there’s the UKish blog book that I will be getting: Blood Sweat and Tea, which is by yon fella off of Random Acts Of Reality. And, in this, it’s both the subject and the writing (in about equal measure) that I’d be getting it for.

But the book I’m really looking forward to is the book that’s being written by Rob from Clublife, for Rob is not only writing about a subject that I’m quite interested in (as in how the job should be done), but he is also a fantastic writer. He has a turn of phrase that is really fantastic, but about conversations that I’ve had as well, about subjects that I’ve discussed on the door, and about methods I use to make my night a little easier.

An example, from today’s post:

When you’re sitting in a nightclub, and you think it’s appropriate to react with violence when “open-mike hip-hop night” is over and you haven’t had your chance to rap, you’re wrong. Not getting your chance to rap on “open-mike hip-hop night” is not a real problem. That’s something where you say, “Aw, crap. We missed it. Get me another beer.” It’s not something where you say, “Let me do something really violent now, because I’ve been wronged so grievously I can no longer keep my emotions in check. I shall now rampage.”

That bit in bold? That sums up so many comments that I’ve made on the door. Except I don’t say it as neatly.

Oh, and I like the idea about Chainsaw Thursdays.

I fantasize with other bouncers about “Chainsaw Thursdays,” where midway through the evening, when the room reaches its peak, we’re all given five minutes to tear through as much clubflesh and clubbone as we can. With chainsaws.

Wouldn’t help me, though. Because I don’t work on Thursdays.

2 thoughts on “Well, it’s working for some

  1. There was a doorman from my past… he was called Rowan, he was from Sith Ifrica, he was bald. I wonder where he went?

    Anyway, bouncers get their revenge on revellers all the time. Once the music stops they go on ear-bursting rampages. “Could everybody move towards the doors now PLEASE!”

  2. It’s only ear bursting because our sense of volume has been screwed with because of the loud renditions of shit songs that passes for a set in most clubs.

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