As good as I remember it?

There is a problem with revisiting shows that you remember from your youth; they never seem as good as you remember them. I mean, I loved Dr Who when Sylvester McCoy was the Doctor, but looking back on it, it was really quite shite. Tripods scared the bejeezus out of me way back when, but I got the DVD of it a while back and it just wasn’t scary any more.

But then there are some things that are just as good, and one of the would probably be Spitting Image. I just finished watching a documentary about it on UTV, and it was still good.

Spitting Image was absolutely brilliant, back in the day. It was the only quasi-political show that I’d enjoy watching, back when I was but a kid. And it’s probably responsible for my intense dislike and distrust of yer man Blair, because his character was in it long enough to get beaten up, but not long enough for you to feel any sympaty for.

But there is one thing that has really annoyed me about it. Some years before the show ended, there was a song in it. And I can remember bits of the song (hell, it pops into my head fairly regularly), but not all of it. And that means that, with some regularity, I spent a while trying to dredge up the rest. With no success, so far. It was one about eternal conflicts and warring sides having no common ground, and the bits I remember go like this:

Serbian: You say potato with strange inclination.
Croatian: That’s ‘cos you’re Serbian, and I’m a Croatian.
Serbian: Serbian!
Croation: Croatian!
Both: Can’t be one nation,
let’s blow the whole world up.

Chorus: Oh, blow the whole world up, the whole world and his wife.
If everyone was dead, we’d have a peaceful life.


Orangeman: You ban the pill, and bomb Enniskillen.
Orangeman: Paddy!
IRA man: Proddy!
Orangeman: Big Ears!
IRA man: Noddy!
Both: Let’s blow the whole world up!



I’m sure you can see how annoying it would be to spend time trying to figure out all those BAPOTSTICR, so any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I can just about remember Spitting Image. I used to try and get away with watching it by claiming I was waiting for the 10 o’clock news to tell me it was time to go to bed. There was no 10 o’clock news on Sunday, but S.I. came on at 10:30.


  2. Oh my god! I’ve been searching for this song, literally for years. All I can remember is:

    I am an Indian, You are my brother, I believe in one God, you in another
    Sikh, Hindi,
    Mork and Mindy,
    Let’s blow the whole world up.


  3. Well, there’s another part of another verse sorted out. We’re getting there, slowly but surely.

    Any other helpful souls want to assist?

  4. Here’s a bit more I found on the internet. Why has nobody written the whole thing out?!

    You say Allah, I say Yahweh….
    You Say Mohammed, I say Adonai…

    Potato, potahto, Tomato, tomahto, Let’s blow the whole world up.

  5. Yeah, I remember that song, it was great!

    IRA man: I do the killin’
    Orangeman: No, I do the killin’
    IRA Man: We ban the pill, but bomb Enniskillen.
    Orangeman: Paddy!
    IRA Man: Proddy!
    Orangeman: Big Ears!
    IRA Man: Noddy!

    Let’s blow the whole world up!

    Oh, blow the whole world up,
    Because we’re world’s apart
    Oh, blow the whole world up,
    And make a brand new start!
    Wasn’t that Indian one something like “You have one god, I have another, I would kill you, but you are my brother”?

    I think the song itself is taken from “Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off”, at least the lyrics are very similar. Here’s a link to the original song:

  6. I have been looking for this for ages. Even mailed the BBC and hislop online. It isn’t on any of the albums or in the books. It is called the parody song (the original) but no hits on google.

  7. There was also a verse about the Duchess of Kent whose father was in the Nazi party allegedly, it went something like
    Nazi member
    Cant remember
    Lets blow the whole world up

    The first line of the song was
    “You say potato with strange INTONATION”

    I think there was a Jewish/Arab verse too:

    I don’t like your skin
    And I don’t like your skin
    You don’t eat pork
    And you don’t have a foreskin
    My skin, your skin
    Pork and foreskin
    Let’s blow the whole world up

  8. You dont like my skin
    I dont like your skin
    You dont eat pork and dont have a forsking
    Your skin My skin
    Pork and Forskin
    Lets blow the whole world up

  9. You say potato with strange intonation
    That’s cos I’m Serbian and you’re a Croatian
    Serbian Croatian can’t be one nation
    Let’s blow the whole world up

  10. I was trying to find this song as well. I believe it was one of the last series and was at the end of the show. I still have not been able to find it

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