Change is bad, m’kay

The BBC have gone and changed the layout of their headers. Again.

From this:
A nice header; you click anywhere on the big red bar and it takes you back to the homepage, unless you clicked on one of the specific links. I liked this header.

To this:
A less nice header. Most of it isn’t a link anymore; to get to the home page you have to go to the smaller link on the side. The audio/visual tomfoolery link takes up more space. The space I used to click on to get back to the homepage. Meaning that the intuitive nature of the old header has gone. Boo hiss.

Change is bad, people.

(Incidentially, the story I lifted that image from amused me. A DUP fella, protesting about public nudity? Surely not!)

One thought on “Change is bad, m’kay

  1. The Times have stuck a bloody annoying auto-starting video clip on the front page of their website now. I can’t find out to turn it off – restart, yes. And for some reason it’s an annoying american voice too.

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