Another excuse

So, there’s yet more fuss about Apple and their wonderful new products.

Me, I don’t use any Apple products (bar quicktime, and even that is rarely used). And I’m quite happy with that state of affairs. I’m no fan of the cult of apple, and the design of the machines is more than enough to stop me converting. I mean, what is so attractive about a bland identi-kit machine, where the only differences and choices are carefully regulated from the centre?

And I still don’t like the stores… My vision of hell is an Apple store with nothing but Bridget Jones on the screens.

Of course, my vision of heaven has a large section exactly like the Gadget Store out of CastleCourt, with nothing but Will Ferrell movies on in the background, so my tastes may be slightly warped. But it’s my taste, dammit, and I’m happy with it.

5 thoughts on “Another excuse

  1. My version of Heaven is: Nothing but Star Wars or Rocky on the tv. A never ending supply of Yazoo. Angelina Jolie. And a whole load of hot bi-sexual women wrestling in jelly – and I am the referee :)

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