That Monday morning feeling

Ah, the beautiful misty mornings of late September. Trying their best tostop people getting out of bed and into work. Bloody depressing, that’s what it is.

But it’s alright, though. For this is my last day of work for a fortnight, and I’m away on me holidays. Well, OK, my ‘holidays’, but still. A fortnight off work, in the land of the cheese eating surrender monkeys? All to the good.

Now, I have to try and learn French. Because they do so love it when you turn up and butcher their lingo in front of them, don’t they?

22 thoughts on “That Monday morning feeling

  1. Sandra: sure why not; it amuses me and I sometimes get poetry written about me.

    Nelly: Actually, we’ll probably be stopping off in Lisieux for a day or two. What fun.

  2. What? When you could be buying Holy Water sweeties and giant glow-in-the-dark Rosaries? Well, don’t blame me if you end up moping around and getting sand in your gutties.

  3. I have visions of Ed driving a carful of nuns and priests around the holy shrines of France. Leaving out Lourdes, as it is far too common for your clergy – them being Canons, Archdeacons & Mother Superiors.

  4. Come now, surely if they were that high up they’d have drivers at the other end anyway. I’d be relegated to schlepping along behind them with the luggage.

  5. I think it is only a matter of time before Ed’s own vocation kicks in and he takes the vow of celibacy.

    He’ll be the sort of priest all the oul dolls and spinsters’ll be mad about.

    Go Nelly & Sandra! Go Father Edward!

  6. Father Eduardo sounds rather sleazy and a touch commie. He does not sound like a priest who would hold to his vow of celibacy. Father Ted now – there is a moniker that positively reeks of integrity.

  7. If he’s going all continental, then he’d be Don Eduardo, which I think sounds positively provoking of Improper Thoughts. In my mind’s eye, he’s handsome in sleek black, with one roguishly-raised eyebrow.
    Bet the queue outside the confessional would be enormous.

  8. From the Archives of History, in another time, in another place:

    “Father Eduardo- (male)- Catholic priest and confessor, in the pay of the law firm, alcoholic- Ed H”

    (Explanation in english: Ed is reprising “Father Eduardo” from an earlier incarnation.)

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