First impressions

T’other day, I went about installing Firefox 2.0 and IE 7. And thus far both seem decent. IE, in particular, is much better than IE 6, but then that’s not saying much. Firefox is only a little better (IMO) than its predecessor, but then its predecessor was only about 1.5×109 times better than IE, so it gets a pass.

The only thing about FF2 that bugged me was the location of the ‘close tab’ button: it moved from having one for all the tabs to having one on each tab, like Opera does (and like IE7 does). I liked it on the 1.x implementation; it was a constant, no matter how many tabs were open or how wide the tabs were. Luckily it’s a simple fix: change browser.tabs.closeButtons to be 3, and it’s all as it should be. Which is nice. As is the automatic spell checker. Hopefully that’ll tidy up my woeful spellign on teh blug.

In IE, I’m not a massive fan of the implementation of tabs, although the Ctrl-Q function is nice. And it’s not as customisable as FireFox.

Overall, I’m probably going to keep using FF. But at least using IE shouldn’t be as annoying, for the times when it’s the only thing going.

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