Still don’t like ‘em, but

On the whole, I don’t particularly like the LibDems. Too touchy feely, too greenish, too lefty for my likes. Especially with regards to taxation. But sometime, once in a while, they come up with something remarkably sensible.

Such as the concept of a “freedom bill”. Which, sez they, would remove from the statute book a number of laws with the following effect:

Death to ID cards
Correcting the bloody awful mess that is the current one sided US extradition treaty
Stop collecting & storing DNA from people not convicted of any crime
Get rid of the ridiculous restrictions on protesting near parliament
Curtailing police powers to impose conditions on public meetings
varies between good and plusgood, depending on context
Removing the right of the Home Sec to criminalise trespass in designated areas
as long as things like military sites are covered, doubleplusgood
Reinstate the right to silence

Whats not to like?

Of course, should the LibDems ever get within a hair’s breadth of any actual power, their freedom loving ways would go completely. Power corrupts, etc. Meaning that they’d keep all their wacky leftist nonsensical policies would be brought to the fore, and all the sensible things would disappear. But it’s nice to hear a politician say nice things about not crushing freedom.

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