I’m a fan, and I approve this message

© homeonthestrange.comI’m a fan of both George RR Marin and Robert Jordan, but both have been a source of some frustration for me. The books are all great, the characters are believable and there’s so much story going on. But there’s so much time between books, and there’s no end in sight for some of them; the recent WoT books, in particular, seemed to add more loose ends than they could clear up.

Which is why I would be quite pleased if this plan was implemented. (Click for bigger, obviously). Especially that last bit; that should solve many of the problems, and the only ones to be hurt would be the ones dishing out the hurtin’ at the minute. Win win all round.

© homeonthestrange.com

Found, as with so many things, at the Byrne residence. No, not that Byrne, the other one.

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