On the Jezza

I wholeheartedly agree with yer man Morrison about Top Gear being very good. And in that post he links to this interview with the Clarkson himself, which illustrates several points:

  • Clarkson is, in fact, a motoring and opinion-making God. His initials cannot be a coincidence, people.
  • The generic BBC bias is in favour of greenish nonsense and the worst of LibDem policies.
  • That that bad LibDem policies are very very bad, and could not cancel out the few very sensible things that they sometimes suggest; quote of the interview had to be It all sounds very communist and boring, frankly, but then that’s the LibDems.
  • It is blatantly unfair that such treats as MPH are only available to the GB-dwelling majority. What about minority rights, people? In the interests of fairness, all such interesting shows should be held in the Kings Hall. And allow free entry for people called Ed.

I don’t ask a lot out of life, do I?

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