Oh, the shame

Unlike some, I felt such shame because of where I went to school. As schools go, it wasn’t bad. But that was before I heard the bastarding result of this competition. Which was, as it turns out, a load of Malachy’s boys rapping about the inherent evil that is … dropping chewing gum. And included the quality line

we’re watching you all,
from City Hall

or some such big brothery suggestion.

White men can’t rap; white boys more so. And to do so to spread awareness of £1,000 fines for dropping chewing gum is compounding the shame. And to do so on CoolFM is just the worst.

So, if anybody asks, I’m now going to say I went to Bearny. Until the ad is off the radio, anyway.

10 thoughts on “Oh, the shame

  1. And what, spend seven years of my life in Ballymena? *shudder*

    Actually, ’twas because of many generations of family tradition. But it did have the added advantage of not being in Ballymena…

  2. Not really Opposition, is it? Too far away to continue any kind of blood feud, IMO. If you can’t run up the road to lob bricks at ‘em, then it’s more of a theoretical disagreement than real Opposition.

    But we’d have won, should a real disagreement have broken out. Oh yes.

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