Another list of Bad Things About To Happen

This time last year, I had a quick glance at the Queen’s Speech, and vented my opinions upon said speech. Generally, as I’m sure you’d be aware, I was most decidedly not in favour of it.

Guess what? They’ve only gone and scheduled another Queen’s Speech! Only a year later! Who’d’a thunk it?

Again, there are things that are less than cheerful hidden within it.

Climate Change Bill
Yay! More greenish nonsense, but this time with big sticks to backup the bad words.
Pensions Bill
I’ll be honest, I dinnae know a lot about this, but since both Tony and Gordon like it, I can only assume that it involved assraping the populace in some way. ipso facto, is bad.
Serious Crime Bill
See that shape on the horizon, running away very fast? That’s the last of your freedoms, and the thing chasing it is hysteria.
Criminal Justice Bill
Won’t lock up and criminals and sure as shit won’t allow any more justice.
Anti-Terrorism Bill
The “THEY NEED US” bill
Fraud Bill
So, the government is admitting that they’re naught but a big fraud, are they? Oh wait, they’re saying that others are the fraudsters, and that they’re the cure. Yeah, right.
Mental Health Bill
To be honest, I think that the rest of the bills have done more than enough damage to my mental health, thankyouverymuch.
Road Transport Bill
Given past experience, I somehow doubt that this is providing more roads or more ease for transport.
Welfare Reform Bill
Deja vu, anyone? I’m sure that that was on the list last time round…
Crossrail Bill
Surely this was dealt with a decade ago? Oh, wait, they’ve been talking about talking about it for well over a decade, but now they’re making it law. Yessirree, only another decade before anything is working, though…

More fun and games, courtesy of the Westminister Comedy Club.

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