‘Common Market’ my arse

Seems I jumped the gun a little, expecting the EU to do anything as silly as allpy common sense to laws.

Instead, they cemented high taxation and blocked any attempt by commercial entities to try and benefit consumers by letting them shop around.

Yes, that’s who’ll be screwed by this: the consumer. The ones that the EEC Common Market was supposed to help. So it’s failing at it’s main purpose, more economic cooperation between the various EU states.

An it means that Gordon “the money grabbing bastard” Brown will be able to continue milking anyone who fancies a drink or a smoke. Because he’s a money grabbing bastard. Just in case you hadn’t noticed…

‘course, the EU isn’t any good at anything else, so we should ahrdly be surprised, should we?

2 thoughts on “‘Common Market’ my arse

  1. Ferkin’ baskets. I thought it was too good to be true. Too many govts skimming off, I mean legitimately taxing money from the fun stuff.

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