Very very cool

It is a fact universally acknowledged that I quite like the BBC Coast programme. And last night’s show was particularly good, afore they covered the Irish coast, from Dublin to Derry.

Hey! I live there! What are the odds, eh?

In fact, they covered quite a few things I know about. Like St John’s Point, where my family came from. And Belfast, where I live. And loads of other places where family and/or friends live. Hell, there was even a quick glance of a certain, unnamed, dump on the hump of the Antrim Glens. Looks o’er the sea of Moyle. You know the one…

Very good stuff, anyway. And now, back to work…

2 thoughts on “Very very cool

  1. I saw it on the BBC and thought it looked quite good – hope that episode will be on the Hindernet so’s I can see it.
    Would that be the dump that stinks like hell? *grin*

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