Things that make my head go *boom*

The irony of this story makes my head go a little like this:

stolen from the interwebnet

A new civil liberties controversy has flared up over the news that police chiefs are considering using high-powered microphones to “eavesdrop” – as critics will see it – on crowds at the London 2012 Olympics.

But the former home secretary David Blunkett called publicly on the government to block the scheme.

He told BBC Radio Five Live’s Weekend News programme that the suggestion was “simply unacceptable”, and smacked of the “surveillance state”.

Yes, children, that’s the same David Blunkett who was behind the ID card; who was pushing ANPR; who didn’t think that the Assets Recovery was a bad idea; who, in short, wouldn’t recognise a civil liberty if it came up and smacked him on the head.

Frankly, he can’t complain about the “surveillance state” that he sees comming. Because it’s already here, and he’s one of the main bastards who put it in place.

But now he’s on the outside, and the system works against him, not for him. So he’s whining, because he’s liable to suffer from the same things as the rest of us plebs.

Poor fella.

4 thoughts on “Things that make my head go *boom*

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  2. “Frankly, he can’t complain about the “surveillance state” that he sees comming”

    Hehe – am im a bad man because I found that line mildly amusing? :)

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