Ah, the art of understatement

A nice little article on Samizdata for your perusal today. It’s basicially a cut’n’paste of a nice report which, amidst much waffle, suggests that there should be a supra-national EU police force, supra-national EU laws and much more regulation.

The Samizdata comment on this report? Nice, simple and understated:

I am not sure that I agree with this report.

I, for one, agree with that sentiment, but would have added more adverbs to the sentence.

And I’d like to think that this sort of thing would be very low on the list of priorities for the EU, since it is patently impossible to bring in. Hell, would you go for UK style enforcement or French style? Civil police or military ones? Armed or unarmed? And why stop at Europe; if there are no borders for international crime, why not have a World Police? Or, for that matter, an EarthGov?

Of course, just because something is impossible to introduce doesn’t mean that the EU wouldn’t try. People shouldn’t go about putting ideas into their head.

So: I am not sure that I agree with this report.

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