Must change habits

I like Nokia phones; I’m used to them, they’re generally quite innovative and they earn mucho brownie points for having a standard charging cable*. And the UI is generally good.

But all that’s is beside the point now, because it looks like I’ll have to buy from different manufacturers in future. Because *spit* Greenpeace *spit* like Nokia.

Boo hiss. Why, oh why, can’t Nokia be evil, planet-killing bastards? I’d feel much happier buying their products if they were…

Hat tip to el Reg.

* – The first cable I got (in the dark days of 1999) worked right uptil I got the N91 this year; seven years is a long time to stay with a standard.

5 thoughts on “Must change habits

  1. I didn’t give up on Nokia because they went green, I gave up on Nokia because they’re crap – in just about every way – well actually it’s because I discovered Sony Ericssons – much better phones in so many ways.

    I’m looking for a new phone at the moment and can’t decide whether to wait for the Apple iPhone or not – might be a good one for you, especially if its made by the same Chinnese companies that make the iPod.

  2. Ah, but my problem is that I detest Apple, and I hate the carefully managed cult that has sprung up about it.

    Basically, I’d rather give my money to Fidel Castro than Steve Jobs.

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