It can’t just be me, right?

Ah, the evangelising Christian computer game. I’m not the only one who finds the whole thing to be slightly more amusing than the story lets on, can I? A game where all us God botherers of the wrong faith are doomed to be the enemy; where violent resolution of things is contrary to the aim of the game; and where there are angels flying about?

Is it a recruitment drive? Not so much. Is it an attempt to move evangelism onto a new media to expand the potential audience? Clearly. Is that a bad thing? Not IMO.

More amusing is the Quest for Bush game mentioned. Now this is clearly another variation on the theme, just in the other direction. Holy warriors are supposed to go about killing GIs and then move up the ladder to GWBs. All very silly, but there’s no harm in it. I mean, there’s been flash games about for years where the purpose is to kill famous people, and they’re about as much of a threat as this one.

Still, people are up in arms over both games. They’re games, folks: leave ‘em alone, and they’ll go away.

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