No connection, nosirree

T’other day, a brief conversation was had between a mate and myself. The gist of it was this: I thought that the SFO would be quite thorough in their investigation of BAe deals with Saudi Arabia, just so that the Attorney General could show a bit of impartiality which would be useful in the cash for honours thing.

OK, I was wrong, and the SFO isn’t continuing. Instead, they announced that they were stopping their investigation on the very same day that Blair had a friendly chat with officers in the cash for honours probe.

There are the obvious conclusions to be drawn, and Guido does that: that the best way for No10 to spin the police interview was to use the favoured “good day to bury bad news” approach.

But I’m thinking: was it anything more than that? Was the PM interview on that day to try and divert attention from the SFO? Because that was the first thing that struck me, and it would amuse me greatly. For two reasons: I don’t care if BAe have been bribing people; it’s part of the business culture in many parts of the world. And also, if Blair was the diversion, what would that say about his usefulness to the Cabinet?

‘course, it’s all just supposition on my part, and very likely to be bollox. But still, I can’t help but think…

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