Please excuse my absence

For the next few days, I shall be away. The plan is to do something a bit like this:

from me. as you could tell from the crapness.

But, knowing my level of ability, it’ll probably be a bit more like this:

from me. as you could tell from the crapness.

Oh well. I hear that those Yankee hospitals are great places to be worked on. I hope.

Oh, and because I’m the kind of blogger that a) doesn’t like leaving blank spots on the archive calendar; b) likes to do the visiting stats no harm by having a new post every day and c) doesn’t want to disappoint my adoring public, I’ve preloaded some totally useless highly informative posts to cover my holiday.

4 thoughts on “Please excuse my absence

  1. Joe: I hear that the coasts have internet access these days, but I’ll be in America’s Heartland™, where they don’t hold with such tomfoolery.

    Ganching: I have no problem with the ‘break a leg’ statement. It’s only when people specify whose leg is to be broken that I get a little nervous…

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