Still alive. Just.

This is a very surreal experience: I now have quarter of an hour’s internet access, on the condition that I have a tube pumping flavoured O2 stuck up my nose. Very random, but probably not the worst thing in the world, considering that I’m currently some 3000m above sea level

Anyway, firstly, lets get the curses out of the way: hellfire and damnation be heaped upon easyJet, Gatwick airport and a dozy taxi driver from Gatwick. No, we didn’t want to be late; no, we don’t count as international travellers from Belfast; no, we don’t appreciate waiting an hour for our luggage; and no, we don’t want to be abandoned at the wrong B&B.

Minor damnations be upon the time difference between Norn Iron and Colorado. Jet Lag is a bitch, as is sitting down to dinner when your body thinks it’s 4am…

Then the good things: a hell of a lot of snow (6 inches today alone). And the slopes are fantastic. And the snowboarding is all good.

Oh, one other thing. Note to commenters: the Holy Orders thing ain’t happening. And some of the more recent comments are disturbing in the extreme…

One thought on “Still alive. Just.

  1. Jet lag is indeed a bitch, or possibly a hoor. Also I am suffering a bit. Irn Bru is a fantastic cure. Drinking 7Up as soon as you get on the ‘plane also helps. Not that I’m endorsing fizzy sugar-laden drinks, but they work.
    Glad you’re having a good time.

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