Gonna be unpopular…

Yes, I know that some of you (poor, deluded fools that you are) are big Mac fans. But I am not. And thusly I have a simple, one word response to the news of the iPhone:


A more considered response: this design is (possibly) the ONE; the step that takes the phone away from the strict guidelines that mobiles have followed for years: that it must be recognisably a phone first, and all other functionality should follow on from that. The ‘magic’ touchscreen, the ability to reorient the screen depending on how you hold it, all that has amazing potential.

But I like that guideline. I like a phone to be a phone, with added bits if necessary. (Yes, I have tried phones that deviated from it, and really didn’t like them) So, clearly, the iPhone is not for me.

And, to put it bluntly, if a serious product launch actually uses the word ‘magic’, then if it doesn’t require the word ‘abracadabra’, then I’m just not interested…

4 thoughts on “Gonna be unpopular…

  1. You can count me in for the bigotry. I don’t want a piddly little camera in my phone. If I’m going to take pictures, I’ll use my digital SLR. If I want to watch a film, I’ll use a nice widescreen TV that is conveniently located on a table so I don’t have to hold it.

    But the bit that really gets me is Apple’s whole attitude. It just gets my back right up.

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