No, not like Big Brother at all

I believe you. No, really, I do.

Plans to make it easier for government departments to share information on people are not a move towards a “Big Brother” state, a minister has said.

Mr Hutton, you’re absolutely right. Moves like this are not moving towards a Big Brother state, they’re moving beyond a Big Brother state. Big Brother would love to have instant, automated access to everything about everyone, but the technology just didn’t exist when young Eric wrote the book.

There is no good reason for links like these to be set up, at all. None. Unless your aim is to increase the control of the state and the reliance of the people upon it. Neither of which are good aims. But what can you expect from a government that seriously considers this to be good PR…

2 thoughts on “No, not like Big Brother at all

  1. Yes, he does have a middle name, it being ‘Arthur’. And his first being ‘Eric’, and his last being ‘Blair’. It’s nice to see that the name has a bit of a connection to the person who’s trying the hardest to make the 1984 dream a reality.

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