False hope for punchlines

There was a headline on ye olde BBC webshite this morning that caught my eye:

‘Bulldoze’ estates, says Blunkett

This raised much in the way of hope for cheap, nasty punchlines. Generally revolving around the unfortunate ocular deficiency that the bastard Blunkett has.

Turns out that these hopes were soon to be dashed.

Speaking about other options, Mr Blunkett said: “Some of the estates are beyond repair and to be honest we need to simply say that we can’t carry on with people having to live in those conditions any longer.”

With regeneration and “hope” among residents, it was possible to turn estates around, but “in the worst, we should bulldoze them.”

Ah, so it’s nothing to do with realising that the estates are dog ugly and were a slight mistake when they were built. No, it’s because some of them were beyond the control of Herr Blunkett when he was supposed to be in charge of law and order. It’s not that he doesn’t like the estates, it’s that he doesn’t like the people in them.

Modern slum clearance, then. To replace the effects of the earlier slum clearances.

I have lots of faith that it would work. Honest. It’s just a shame that Blunkett fell from grace, isn’t it?

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