You won’t hear me say this too often

Well done, you daft, crusty, misled hippy.

I don’t agree with the reason for your fight, but by God I agree with the fight itself.

Anti-war protester Brian Haw has won his latest legal battle to maintain his demonstration in Parliament Square.

Police claimed Mr Haw, 57, from Redditch, Worcestershire, posed a threat as terrorists could hide bombs under his many banners and placards.

Basically, the man is the main reason for the hideous law that the government brought in a while back, banning unapproved protests within a certain area, namely the seat of government. Because it’s just so damned inconvenient for politicians to sit, discussing which of our liberties they’re removing today, while some soap-dodger sits quietly with a couple of placards calling them the twats that they are.

But, as is generally the case, the law was rushed through, un-thought out, and is so full of loopholes that Minnie Driver could get her grin through it without much effort. First there was the realisation that the law couldn’t be made retroactive, so Mr Haw’s protest was exempt from the law put in place to ban it. Then you get the plainly ridiculous claim that his stall will be used to hide a terrorist device, when anyone with half a brain could see a dozen more effective ways of hitting the place than planting a backpack behind some cardboard.

The score now stands at: Stupid Statists 0 : 2 Brian Haw

You know, if only he’d picked an issue like civil liberties to make his civil liberties related stand about, then it would be the perfect protest. Missed opportunities.

2 thoughts on “You won’t hear me say this too often

  1. It’s the homeless people that bother the city council Over Here – not allowed to sleep around the City Hall as it bothers people, apparently.

  2. Well, at least they’re being honest. Or more honest than the UKish ones. Terrorist threat, my arse.

    Being homeless in Toronto sounds like a rather cold proposition. Glad it ain’t me.

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